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2 dual-layer disc compilation of original artifacts of the first psychedelic era…NUGGETS!! Tons of vintage clips.

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EXCELLENT 5 DISC SET of vintage 60s footage of your favorite garage, beat and psych bands as well as more obscure acts from around the world.
nShips in DVD case (shipping price included!)
n1.    ELECTRIC PRUNES I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Bouton Rouge 12-67)
n2.    BEAU BRUMMELS Laugh Laugh (Hollywood A Gogo 1-66)
n3.    CASTAWAYS Liar, Liar (It’s A Bikini World 4-67)
n4.    MUSIC MACHINE The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly (Shebang 6-67)
n5.    THE BLUES MAGOOS Tobacco Road (Kraft Music Hall 11-67)
n6.    THE CAVEMEN Mustang Sally (Mike Douglas Show 1-67)
n7.    THE COUNT FIVE Psychotic Reaction (American Bandstand 11-66)
n8.    BOBBY FULLER FOUR I Fought The Law (Hullabaloo 3-66)
n9.    TONY AND THE BANDITS It’s a Bit of All Right (Shindig 11-65)
n10.    THE HI-5 Did You Have To Rub It In? (Ive Got A Secret 3-66)
n11.    THE LEAVES Hey Joe (American Bandstand 7-66)
n12.    ? MARK & THE MYSTERIANS Girl You Captivate Me (American Bandstand 6-67)
n13.    THE AMERICAN BREED Any Way You Want Me (American Bandstand 8-68)
n14.    THE ASSOCIATION Requiem For The Masses (Murray The K 9-67)
n15.    THE SPLIT ENDS Rich With Nothin’ (Happening 68 3-68)
n16.    13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS You’re Gonna Miss Me (Where The Action Is 9-66)
n17.    CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’ (Where The Action Is 7-66)
n18.    SHADOWS OF KNIGHT Shake (Upbeat 9-68)
n19.    SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET She’s About A Mover (Shindig 7-65)
n20.    THE TURTLES Can I Get To Know You Better (Hollywood Palace 12-66)
n21.    LOVE My Little Red Book (American Bandstand 6-66)
n22.    THE SEEDS Can’t Seem To Make You Mind (American Bandstand 5-67)
n23.    FIVE AMERICANS Western Union (Steve Allen Show 4-68)
n24.    THE MUSIC EXPLOSION Little Bit Of Soul (American Bandstand 2-68)
n25.    THE McCOYS Hang On Sloopy (American Bandstand 8-68)
n26.    THE MONKS Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice (Beat Club 7-66)
n27.    STANDELLES Dirty Water (Mike Douglas Show 5-66)
n28.    THE MOJO MEN Sit Down I Think I Love You (American Bandstand 2-67)
n29.    JAY & THE AMERICANS Only In America (Mod Mod World 6-66)
n30.    GARY & THE HORNETS Money (Mike Douglas Show 11-66)
n31.    DAVE CLARK FIVE You Got What It Takes (Beat Club 5-67)
n32.    AMBOY DUKES Flight Of The Bird (Ray Anthony Show 68)
n33.    PAUL REVERIE & THE RAIDERS Too Much Talk (Promo 68)
n34.    QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE Dino’s Song (Monterey Pop Festival 6-67)
n35.    SAM SHAM & THE PHARAOHS Ring Dang Doo (Vient De Paraitre 1-66)
n36.    THE GENTRYS Keep On Dancing (Shindig 11-65)
n1.    THE BLUES MAGOOS We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (Where The Action Is 12-66)
n2.    VEJTABLES I Still Love You (American Bandstand 10-65)
n3.    THE STRANGELOVES I Want Candy (Shindig 11-65)
n4.    THEE MIDNITERS Love Special Delivery (Shebang 66)
n5.    THE REMAINS Let Me Through (Ed Sullivan Show, 12-65)
n6.    BEAU BRUMMELS Don’t Talk To Strangers (Lloyd Thaxton Show 65)
n7.    LITTLE BOY BLUES I Can Only Give You Everything (Where The Action Is 3-67)
n8.    BLUE CHEER Feathers From Your Tree (San Francisco 68)
n9.    AMBOY DUKES You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire (Hy Lit 10-68)
n10.    STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK Incense And Peppermints (American Bandstand 9-67)
n11.    ZAKARY THAKS 3/5 Of A Mile (Promo 67)
n12.    SINNERS Watusi (Hollywood A GoGo 6-65)
n13.    PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS Kicks (Hullabaloo 2-66)
n14.    NEW COLONY SIX I Lie Awake (Kiddie A GoGo 66)
n15.    MOANIN’ GLORIES She Took The Rain Out Of My Mind (Kake-TV 67)
n16.    DAVE CLARK 5 Catch Us If You Can (Shindig 9-65)
n17.    KNICKERBOCKERS Just One Girl (Where The Action Is 66)
n18.    STANDELLS Hey Joe (Mike Douglas Show 5-66)   *missing chapter mark*
n19.    BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD Mr. Soul (Go! 4-67)
n20.    EVERY MOTHERS SON Come On Down To My Boat Baby (Mike Douglas Show 5-67)
n21.    BOYCE & HART I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight (Happening 11-68)
n22.    TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS Mony Mony (Promo 68)
n23.    AMERICAN BREED Keep The Faith (Showcase ’68 7-68)
n24.    CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Sure ‘Nuff N Yes I DO (Bouton Rouge 1-68)
n25.    KINGSMEN Louie Louie (Hollywood A Gogo 65)
n26.    MUSIC MACHINE Talk Talk (Boss City 66)
n27.    BOX TOPS The Letter (Village Square 67)
n28.    MITCH RYDER & DETROIT WHEELS Jenny Take A Ride (Swingtime 66)
n29.    LOLLIPOP SHOPPE Who’s It Gonna Be (Angels From Hell 68)
n30.    GRASS ROOTS Things I Should Have Said (American Bandstand 9-67)
n31.    HARD TIMES Hazy Shade Of Winter (Where The Action Is 12-66)
n32.    CHARLATANS Cannonball (Promo 66)
n33.    SOPWITH CAMEL Hello Hello (Where The Action Is 3-67)
n34.    WAYNE WADHAMS & THE D MEN I Just Don’t Care (Hullabaloo 3-65)
n35.    MOBY GRAPE Omaha (Mike Douglas Show 1-68)
n36.    ROYAL GUARDSMEN Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron (Mike Douglas Show 11-67)
n37.    SPIRIT I Got A Line On You (Promo 12-68)
n38.    THE FIRST EDITION Just Dropped In (Ed Sullivan Show 3-68)
n39.    SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS Ju Ju Hand (Shivaree 7-65)
n1.    THE MOTIONS Tonight Will Be Stones (VJOEW, 10-67)
n2.    ALAN BOWN SET The Killing Game (Dim Dam Dom, 5-67)
n3.    THE TROGGS I Can’t Control Myself (Discorama, 12-66)
n4.    THE YARDBIRDS Shapes Of Things (Midi Varietes, 4-66)
n5.    THE KINETIC Suddenly Tomorrow (Discorama, 4-67)
n6.    Q65 The Life I Live (Promo, 6-66)
n7.    THE STATUS QUO Ice In The Sun (Tienerklanken, 12-68)
n8.    LOS BRAVOS Going Nowhere (Palmares de Chansons, 12-66)
n9.    EPISODE SIX Morning Dew (Beat Beat Beat, 9-67)
n10.    LOVE SCULPTURE Sabre Dance (Hits A Go Go, 2-69)
n11.    THE EQUALS Baby Come Back (Zond De Vrt Dit Uit, 1-68)
n12.    THE ACTION I’ll Keep Holding On (Where The Action Is, 1-66)
n13.    THE OUTSIDERS Lying All The Time (Dutch TV, 11-66)
n14.    THE MINDBENDERS Land Of A Thousand Dances (Beat Beat Beat, 5-66)
n15.    LIFE Baby Please Don’t Go (Bilzen Festival, 8-69)
n16.    THE SMALL FACES All Or Nothing (My Generation, 10-66)
n17.    BLOSSOM TOES The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog (Bouton Rouge, 2-68)
n18.    OS MUTANTES Bat Macumba (Forum Musiques, 3-69)
n19.    THE LATCH All Night Girl (Beat Club, 6-67)
n20.    THE CREATION Painter Man (Beat Beat Beat 6-67)
n21.    THE EASYBEATS Pretty Girl (A Tous Vents, 3-67)
n22.    THE GRAPEFRUIT Dear Delilah (Gogoscope, (1-70)
n23.    GROUP 1850 Mother No Head (VJOEW, 12-67)
n24.    JEFF BECK Tallyman (Popside, 2-68)
n25.    THE MOODY BLUES I Really Haven’t Got The Time (Soiree Du Revillon, 12-66)
n26.    TIMEBOX Beggin’ (Bouton Rouge, 3-68)
n27.    THEM Mystic Eyes (Music Hall De France, 10-65)
n28.    THE BEATLES We Can Work It Out (French TV, 12-66)
n29.    THE TEE SET Tea Is Famous (VJOEW, 12-67)
n30.    THE PRETTY THINGS Midnight To Six Man (A Whole Scene Going, 1-66)
n31.    THE BIRDS That’s All I Need (The Deadly Bees 66)
n1.    THEM Gloria (Douches Ecossais 1-66)
n2.    THE LORDS Don’t Mince Matter (Beat Beat Beat 12-66)
n3.    THE INGOES Jump Back (Music Hall De France 12-66)
n4.    THE ESCORTS From Head To Toe (Beat Club 5-67)
n5.    THE SMOKE My Friend Jack (Beat Beat Beat 9-67)
n6.    THE KINKS Last Of The Steam Powered Trains (Julie Felix Show 2-69)
n7.    THE EXCEPTION The Eagle Flies On Saturday (Beat Club 6-67)
n8.    THE MOVE Watch Your Step (VJOEW 12-66)
n9.    DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH Save Me (Vibrato 2-67)
n10.    KALEIDOSCOPE Flight From Ashiya (Le Petit Dimanche 10-67)
n11.    LOVE AFFAIR Rainbow Valley (Moef Ga Ga 4-68)
n12.    KOOBAS Face (A Tous Vent 1-67)
n13.    THE WARRIORS Mr. Nobody Nothing (Beat Beat Beat 6-67)
n14.    THE ANIMALS Don’t Bring Me Down (Ed Sullivan Show 4-66)
n15.    THE MINDBENDERS Game Of Love (Hullabaloo 3-65)
n16.    IAN & THE ZODIACS Why Can’t It Be Me (Beat Club, 2-66)
n17.    THE PRETTY THINGS Reincarnation (Paris Pop Fest 4-67)
n18.    CREAM I Feel Free (Paris Pop Fest 4-67)
n19.    THE HOLLIES I’m Alive (Rooster 1-66)
n20.    THE YARDBIRDS Happening Ten Years Time Ago (Milton Berle Show 12-66)
n21.    THE IMAGE Red Rubber Ball (Beat Club, 7-66)
n22.    THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE Hey Joe (Drop In 3-67)
n23.    THE HERD I Can Fly (Beat Club 7-67)
n24.    THE SMALL FACES Here Come The Nice (Le Petit Dimanche 10-67)
n25.    RO-D-Y’S Just Fancy (VJOEW 11-67)
n26.    BRIAN AUGER, JULIE DRISCOLL & TRINITY A Kind Of Love-In (Frost On Sunday 8-68)
n27.    MARMALADE I See The Rain (Twien 12-67)
n28.    SHARON TANDY Piece Of My Heart (Bouton Rouge 4-68)
n29.    CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS Don’t Know Which Way To Go (Tienerklanken 10-68)
n30.    DEAD SEA FRUIT Seeds Of Discontent (Le Petit Dimanche 11-67)
n1.    STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK Tomorrow (Steve Allen Show 68)
n2.    MOANIN’ GLORIES You Better Watch Out For That Girl (Kake-TV 67)
n3.    PEOPLE I Love You (Promo 68)
n4.    SINNERS Steppin’ Out (Hollywood A GoGo 6-65)
n5.    RUNNING JUMPING STANDING STILL Diddy Wah Diddy (Go! 66)
n6.    ROCKIN’ RAMRODS Don’t Fool With Fu-Manchu (Disk-O-Tek Holiday 6-66)
n7.    KNICKERBOCKERS Lies (Shindig 1-66)
n8.    GREAT SCOTS Rockin’ Robin (Shindig 8-65)
n9.    HONDELLS Little Honda (10-64)
n10.    THE KINGSMEN The Climb (Shindig 6-65)
n11.    GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS Sure Gonna Miss Her (Ed Sullivan Show 2-66)
n12.    THE McCOYS I Can’t Explain It (Hollywood A Gogo 9-65)
n13.    VAGRANTS Oh Those Eyes (Disk-O-Tek Holiday 6-66)
n14.    WE FIVE You Were On My Mind (Hollywood Palace 10-65)
n15.    THE BYRDS It Won’t Be Wrong (Where The Action Is 2-66)
n16.    BEES Leave Me Be (Hollywood A Gogo 9-65)
n17.    13th FLOOR ELEVATORS You’re Gonna Miss Me (American Bandstand 10-66)
n18.    BRAM RIGG SET I Can Only Give You Everything (Promo 5-67)
n19.    AMERICAN BREED Ready Willing and Able (Scopitone 4-68)
n20.    PALACE GUARD Falling Sugar (Where The Action Is 2-67)
n21.    SAM SHAM & THE PHARAOHS Ring Dang Doo (Hollywood A Gogo 11-65)
n22.    THE ASSOCIATION One Too Many Mornings (Hollywood A Gogo 12-65)
n23.    MAGICIANS You’re So Fine (Promo 66)
n24.    JB & THE PLAYBOYS Leave My Woman Alone (Playgirl Killer 67)
n25.    CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND Are You Gonna Be There (The Love-Ins 68)
n26.    ELECTRIC PRUNES The Great Banana Hoax (Di Dam Dom 1-68)
n27.    BLUE CHEER Summertime Blues (American Bandstand 2-68)
n28.    MUSIC MACHINE Astrologically Incompatible (Shebang 67)
n29.    PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS Let Me (Happening 5-69)
n30.    YELLOW BALLOON Yellow Balloon (Shebang 3-67)
n31.    EVERY MOTHERS SON Put Your Mind At Ease (Hollywood Palace 4-68)
n33.    DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE Mumsy (Joe Franklin Show 68)
n34.    BOX TOPS Turn On The Dream (Mike Douglas Show 12-69)
n35.    NAZZ Not Wrong Long (Happening 68 4-69)

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